Anti-Government Protests in Sudan, ‘A Tsunami Against All Odds’

7 January 2019

On Sunday 6th January, thousands of people attended an anti-government protest in Khartoum, following three weeks of demonstrations against President Al-Bashir’s 29-year autocratic rule. As protests continue to erupt across Sudan, marked by demands for peace, equal citizenship and affordable food prices, tear gas and live bullets are being used against unarmed civilians and activists.

The demonstrations are being met with violence, police brutality and arbitrary arrests, but hopes for reform have been inspired, with many predicting that the demonstrations could pose the greatest challenge to Bashir’s regime in almost 3 decades. Yasir Arman, Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM-N, has called for the president to step down and for an interim diplomatic arrangement to be put in place.

On the 7th January, Arman released a statement that claims the continuation of peaceful protests could mark the end of violence under Bashir’s regime. The key points put forward by the statement, which describe the demonstrations as a ‘tsunami against all odds’, can be read below:

To read the statement in full, click here.

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