February 2014

February 28th, 2014

What should the International Community do to end the Plight of Burma’s Ethnic Nationals?

This is the Runner-Up Essay for the HART 2014 Essay Scholarship “Every thought, every word, and every action that adds to the positive and the wholesome is a contribution to peace....

February 26th, 2014

Human rights violations against people affected by leprosy in India

This is the winning essay in the 2014 HART Essay Scholarship Competition, written by Rebecca Thomas.  A constant within the discourse of stigma that certain diseases attract is the notion of immorality; that disease is a punishment for sin....

February 25th, 2014

‘Burma Unmasked’ – the HART 2014 Scholarship Competition

On the 21st February 2014, HART held its annual Scholarship Prize-Giving Event in the Swiss Church, London. The HART Scholarship competition aims to raise awareness of the oppression suffered by the people with whom HART works and to encourage young people to learn about human rights....

February 3rd, 2014

Is Genocide Occurring in Sudan?

On the 28th January 2014, HART and René Cassin hosted a panel discussion entitled ‘Is Genocide Occurring in Sudan?’...
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