February 2015

February 28th, 2015

Women in Civil Society | HART International Women’s Day Blog Series

This is the first post in HART’s Blog Series for International Women’s Day 2015, taking place on the 8th March. Find out more here.  Civil Society fills the gaps between the people and the government. Taking on a variety of for...

February 20th, 2015

Elections in Nigeria: The Precarious Choice between Democratic Order and Security

The upcoming presidential election in Nigeria has been a trending topic for the last month, raising a number of questions locally and internationally over issues ranging from security and the economy to corruption and employment....

February 13th, 2015

Uganda and HIV prevalence: Has Homophobia become a public health risk?

As the Ugandan LGBT community braces itself for another anti – gay bill to be brought forward, the impact of such institutional and societal homophobia is having a damning impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS transmissions. Althou...

February 10th, 2015

What is to become of the new Modern Slavery Bill?

The Need The Global Slavery Index 2014 reported that over 35 million people are trapped in slavery across the world today....

February 6th, 2015

The Ambivalence of a Former Child Soldier’s Indictment

On the 26th January 2015, Dominic Ongwen, previously the commander of the Sinia brigade in the Lord’s Resistance Army appeared before International Criminal Court judge Ekaterina Trendafilova for a pre-trial hearing where he confirmed his identity and his understanding of the seven charges brought against him....
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