July 1st, 2013


From our partners in South Sudan; the Marol Academy, we learn of exciting new developments regarding the future of its teaching staff…

‘Beneath the shade of a tree, and on precariously arranged branches, small cohorts of eclectically uniformed pupils gather in their little village schools. Often taught by just one or two teachers, these are the primary schools of rural South Sudan.

The teachers themselves have often only scraped together an education through a few years as refugees or child soldiers. Their limited knowledge means they only teach the first two years of school.  Last year, no full time teachers amongst the 90,000 Apuk Dinka had completed their own secondary education.

Recently however, a massive positive change has come about in South Sudan, especially for the Marol Academy, supported by HART. Proclaimed as a leading school in the county, it has lately acquired three newly trained Kenyan teachers; Mr Daniel Mtaimwanga, Miss Philomena Gorikwamboka and Miss Mary Njerikagutha. As much as Kenya neighbours South Sudan life there is worlds apart; with a more developed infrastructure, an abundance of fruit and an experienced education system. It is a huge change and sacrifice for them to come to South Sudan, yet gratefully received by those at the Marol Academy and its supporters.

Training costs £2,000 per teacher, per year, for two years.  However, this is little compared to the huge contribution they will make to the future of South Sudan. In their lifetime these teachers will likely teach over a thousand pupils and lead school communities with hundreds of pupils each year. Knowing the difference this can make, we will soon be sending three teachers: Donato, Dut and John, to Yei Teacher Training College in 2013. This could not have been done without the generous support from HART and others around the world.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to these three teachers, who will be making an incredible difference to the future of South Sudan.

Donato has been Head Master at Marol Academy for the last year, guiding the school into new initiatives and through the difficult challenges which many schools face in South Sudan. He has worked tirelessly and with integrity. Providing Donato with formal teacher training will be a valuable long term investment for the school.

Dut, born in Abyei, was orphaned as a child by heavy battles in this oil rich region.  Moving south to find protection, he found himself amongst the Apuk Dinka, near Marol Academy.  He has spent many years teaching and his commitment to Marol is an exciting new development in the future of the school.

John, lives in Unity State (South Sudan), hundreds of miles south of Marol. Isolated by conflict and a lack of infrastructure, life in his home village resembles much of life near Marol.  Having struggled to gain a little education during the war, he is an untrained teacher in his home village of Ganyliel.  After receiving training he will return to teach in Unity State where his training will be an exceptional blessing to his local community.’

Over the past few years Marol Academy has seen some incredible changes which will dramatically improve education in South Sudan, as well as providing a brighter future for the local communities. Such exciting developments would not be possible without the determination and commitment of teachers such as Dunato, Dut and John. Their role within schools and the local community is invaluable for the hundreds of school children desperate for an education and a promising future.

On this note, we look forward to sharing more good news with you; the supporters of HART, regarding the exciting developments taking place every day at Marol Academy.

To learn more about Marol Academy visit its website: marolacademy.weebly.com

Isabelle Darque

By Isabelle Darque

Isabelle is currently interning during her summer break, having finished her second year of studying History at Cardiff University. Her particular interests are women's empowerment and the provision of healthcare.

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