April 22nd, 2015

Life in limbo: past, present, and future in Nagorno-Karabakh | HART Prize for Human Rights

This entry, by Gillian Wong Miswardi, received Second Prize in the HART Prize for Human Rights. View more entries here

April 21st, 2015

Life at the Heart of a Frozen Conflict: How does Nagorno-Karabakh’s Unrecognised Status Affect its Residents? | HART Prize for Human Rights

This essay, by Helen Lilley, was shortlisted in the HART Prize for Human Rights Senior Essay Category. View more entries here. ...

April 20th, 2015

Male circumcision confers added protection against HIV infection

The benefit of safe male circumcision in Ugandan communities such as the Rakai District continues to show in further reduction in HIV incidence....

April 16th, 2015

What became of the Modern Slavery Bill?

Here at HART we have been following the developments in the Modern Slavery Bill with an eager eye. Despite the abolition of slavery in the 1800’s through various Acts, there are thousands of people trapped in slavery, servitude and exploitation in the UK and 35.8 million worldwide....

April 15th, 2015

Private Parts | HART Prize for Human Rights

Winning entry in the HART Prize for Human Rights Junior Creative Category Please Note: this entry is a poem about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Sudan and the content may be triggering. PRIVATE PARTS
-Kashi Syal Her worn battered palm c...

April 15th, 2015

Human Rights and Cycles of Conflict: The Experience of Sudan | HART Prize for Human Rights

This is the winning entry in the HART Prize for Human Rights Senior Essay Category, written by Elodie Jacoby. Read more entries here....

April 15th, 2015

To what extent is the International Criminal Court’s suspension of investigations on alleged war crimes in Sudan justified? | HART Prize for Human Rights

This is the winning entry in the HART Prize for Human Rights Junior Essay Category. Read more entries here.  The inception of the International Criminal Court via the 1998 Rome Statute was a landmark event....

April 10th, 2015

A Beginners Guide to Elections in Sudan

Nigeria’s elections, which took place last month, saw a peaceful, democratic transfer of power from an incumbent President to an opposition leader for the first time in the country’s history....

April 10th, 2015

“If you want to kill the fish, poison the water”: The role of the international community in helping alleviate Sudan’s ongoing struggle with food security

In January, a delegation from HART visited its partners in Sudan and South Sudan to assess the situation from the ground....

April 2nd, 2015

Can Nigeria’s peaceful power transition translate into long-term stability?

The results of last weekend’s Presidential elections have finally come to light and jubilant celebrations have erupted across Nigeria....
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