July 18th, 2014

The Hidden Cost of Fashion

A friend recently challenged me on the clothes that I buy. I told her that ethical clothing wasn’t really ‘my interest’....

July 14th, 2014

What would the proposed anti inter-faith marriage law mean for the women and minority groups of Burma?

Earlier this year the current president of Burma, Thein Sein, proposed a new law which would restrict Buddhist women to only be able to marry within the religion....

July 11th, 2014

Let’s not forget our girls!

Last month in London we celebrated a global summit to end sexual violence in conflict. It was, in my opinion, a great event that brought an under-recognised issue to the attention of the mainstream media....

June 19th, 2014

Report on the Burma Campaign UK special meeting with women’s representatives from Burma – 16/06/2014

On the 16th of June 2014, Burma Campaign UK hosted a special meeting with representatives from community based women’s organisations to discuss the situation of women in Burma today in relation to the current political reform process....

May 22nd, 2014

Nigeria: A Case For International Humanitarian Intervention?

  This week marked 5 weeks since hundreds of schoolgirls were kidnapped from their school in Chibok, a village located in the turbulent region of north-eastern Nigeria....

May 15th, 2014

Women’s Participation in the Nagorno-Karabakh Peace Process

The historically Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh was placed under Azerbaijani rule by Stalin in the 1920s as part of his ‘divide and rule’ strategy....

May 6th, 2014

Conflict in South Sudan: how does it affect women?

Often the abuses that women and girls face during conflicts are ignored and under reported, especially when it comes to sexual violence, due to fear of social stigma and punishment....

April 25th, 2014

Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month

What Is Genocide? After WWII, in which an estimated 6 million people perished during the Holocaust, world leaders were determined to ensure that a massacre of that scale would never occur again....

April 16th, 2014

Friends and Freebies – Live Below the Line Challenge

I got some stern looks when I told people that I’d had free meals at work and dinner with friends a couple of times last week....
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