Emergency Food for 9,000 Displaced People

HART is running an urgent appeal to raise £30,000 for 9,000 internally displaced people who face starvation.

HART visited the Blue Nile in January 2018 and discovered a dire humanitarian situation. 9,000 internally displaced people had fled their homes due to conflict and are now barely surviving off ground nuts, bits of grass and roots with no nutritional value.

HART was the first NGO to visit the IDPs in Wadaka. One lady told us, “We lost everything. On the journey, some people were injured. They took all our cattle. We fled without anything. When we came here, there was nobody to help us.”

Antar Juma, the chief of the JumJum tribe pleaded for help from the humanitarian agencies in the international community. “I urge the humanitarian actors and agencies to find a way to help the people here in Wadaka because their needs are urgent and they’re living in a very difficult situation. If no aid comes there will be more casualties. If this situation continues until next March there will be no people here.”

Read our report for more information: ‘There was nobody to help us’: Oppression by the Government of Sudan and Food Shortages in Blue Nile, Sudan

Thank You. We managed to raise £50,000 for this appeal! 


Read our follow up report here: Food Aid feeds Thousands in Blue Nile


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