Appeal: Rebuilding Lives in Maaloula, Syria

Appeal: Rebuilding Lives in Maaloula, Syria

Appeal: Rebuilding Lives in Maaloula, Syria

HART is making an urgent appeal for £30,000 to provide the most essential items for families returning home to Maaloula; food, blankets, and a way to make an income. 


Over six million Syrians are internally displaced, and a third of the population is going hungry. As a bitter winter approaches, HART is seeking your support to help provide food and warmth for families returning to the mountainous village of Maaloula, near Damascus.

Working with our partner the St. Ephrem Patriarchial Development Committee (EPDC), we aim to supply 550 families with two large blankets and a hamper including foods such as oil, tomato paste, dried corn and a nourishing mixture of grain and yoghurt.

Zakia, a Maaloula resident said, “We had to flee. When we returned, we found that Al Nusra had stolen everything. Our homes were burnt, and we were left with nothing”.

Now women like Zakia who have returned home desperately need an income. Our appeal will provide work for 40 such women, who will make the blankets in a local workshop or process the food and prepare the hampers.

Many of these women are widows, who would have no other way of supporting themselves or helping their community.

£25 will provide a pair of large, warm, locally-woven blankets for a family

£18 will provide a family with a food hamper containing oil, tomato paste, jam, molasses, corn, olives and a grain-yoghurt mix.


Any donation that you are able to give will be hugely appreciated and go a long way.

Please put a reference to ‘Syria19’ when donating.

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