Appeal for PAORINHER – April 2014

Appeal for PAORINHER – April 2014

An estimated 11% of the population in Patongo is living with HIV – many of them orphaned children – and the PAORINHER Centre is in danger of closing.

This is an urgent appeal for the survival of PAORINHER, the paediatric HIV clinic in Patongo, Northern Uganda.

Twenty years of war and insecurity has left northern Uganda with limited infrastructure, restricted access to health and education, and entrenched cultural misunderstandings about HIV sufferers. An estimated 11% of the population around Patongo have HIV, well above the average national level, and many of the sufferers are orphaned children.

HART has supported the Patongo Orphans Infants’ Health Rehabilitation Centre (PAORINHER) for the past six years (2007-2013), since it began as a safe house for orphans and other vulnerable children in the darkest day of the LRA, through its development into a life-saving health clinic.

At present, The PAORINHER provides medical, counselling and nutrition care to 215 HIV-positive children and their families in surrounding area, as well as conducting community education and outreach programmes designed to reduce stigmatization of HIV sufferers. The centre also supports a integrated primary school of 500, of which 45 are HIV-positive.

Why we need your help
The Centre has identified 484 more children living with HIV in the area. However, the Centre is facing another crisis: the funds expected for 2014 for PAORINHER have not come forth. Without immediate support, the Centre will close. The PAORINHER staff has just taken a 50% pay cut to help keep the centre afloat in the short term, and the HART ‘Home Team’ are seeking trusts and funds to support it in the longer term. The Centre needs £9000 per month to keep its services going, so we are looking for £54,000 (6 months) in emergency funding.

Give what you can for PAORINHER
Please give generously to help keep PAORINHER open. Every donation will help, and every penny given to this appeal will go to the Centre.

Without a swift injection of funds, the Centre will be forced to close. Please give today – thank you.



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