Run, cycle, swim or trek in support of our partners

Sponsored Challenges

Sponsored Challenges

Take on a challenge to raise funds and awareness of HART and our amazing local partners

Sponsored challenges are a fantastic way to raise money – and have fun while you do!

Get your running shoes on!

We have 8 unique entry codes available from The Race Organiser. We’re happy to cover the cost of the race as you’ll be doing the hard work! Choose a race that you’d like to take part in and get in touch:

For other marathons and races around the UK, click here for dates and entry information.

Colour Run

The Colour Run is the happiest 5K run in London! Start in white and be covered from head to toe in a rainbow of colours by the end.

Discover Adventure

If you are looking for a fundraising challenge that is also an adventure like Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro or Cycling to Paris then we can help you organise your trip!

We’ve partnered with Discover Adventure who offer pre-organised challenges or can arrange bespoke trips for you and a group of friends.


Get in touch!

Once you’ve guaranteed a place, please set up an online fundraising page on Just Giving.

Get in touch with any questions, whether it’s about booking a race or looking for an adventure. Contact Steph at to start planning.




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