Sponsor the HART Prize

Sponsor the HART Prize

We need you!

Help us engage even more young people for next year's competition.

As part of our advocacy efforts, we run the HART Prize for Human Rights, a competition aimed at young people (aged 11 to 25) to critically analyse and creatively examine the human rights conditions in any of the 8 areas in which we work; Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Burma, Timor-Leste, Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh.

This year, we are searching for £2,500 to fund the competition, helping us to grow its reputation and encourage more students to take part. What we hope comes out of this competition is a new generation of change-makers and leaders in Human Rights. Your business could help us do this!

The sponsorship funding will provide:

  • a dedicated intern to manage the competition and talk at schools about human rights,
  • all printing and administration costs,
  • room hire, food and drink for the exhibition and prize-giving evening,
  • prize funds for the winners.

For sponsorship, we will include your business’ name and link on all our promotional materials; the website, the HART Prize pack, the final publication which gets sent to the universities and schools of the applicants, in all HART Prize related-emails and our printed newsletters.

We are asking for donations of either £250, £500, £1000, £1500, £2000 or the whole £2,500. Any of these would be hugely appreciated to help us run the competition whilst not limiting the support we can give to our local partners.

If you are interested in supporting us, please get in touch with Lola Yusuf at lola.yusuf@hart-uk.org

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