Creative entries from the 2017-2018 Competition

Creative entries from the 2014-15 competition

Senior Creative Joint 1st Place winner 2017-2018 with Baroness Cox

Teacher’s Corner

Teacher’s Corner

The HART Prize for Human Rights is a competition for young people who are interested in global issues.

Find out more about how you can engage the young people that you know here.

The HART Prize for Human Rights is an essay and creative competition for young people aged between 13 and 25 (split into Junior and Senior age categories) with an interest in human rights. Young people under the age of 13 may also submit a contribution to receive a ‘special commendation’. A selection of these pieces will be exhibited but they will not form a part of the formal competition.

The HART Prize for Human Rights aims to:

  • Raise awareness of under-reported and overlooked human rights issues amongst young people in the UK.
  • Encourage young people to examine and engage critically with human rights issues by producing written or creative pieces.
  • Engage young people with their own ability to take action, by entering the competition, undertaking their own research and creative work, seeing their work published and inspiring and engaging others in their peer group.

The competition recognises achievement at a celebratory Prize Giving and Exhibition held in London, whereby the entries are exhibited and the shortlist, runners-up and winners are announced. Shortlisted entries are published on our website and other publications. Winners will be awarded a selection of exciting prizes!

Last year, we received 221 entries across the categories demonstrating a wealth of talent and concern for global affairs.

For more information about the competition, please view the main competition pages of our website by clicking here. We would be delighted to receive entries from pupils at your school!

Organise a Talk or Workshop


HART is pleased to be able to offer talks or workshops to students in secondary schools and sixth forms, introducing them to the concept of human rights and encouraging action. We have a wealth of inspiring stories of our partners’ transformational work to share with your students. These sessions can fit in with your existing PSHE programme or act as further extra-curricular enrichment. We believe that it is of paramount importance that young people are globally aware, responsible citizens who are able to relate to different situations around the world.

Please be in touch with Steph at to learn more about how your school can become involved or to arrange a session on human rights.




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