'The Eyes of an Innocent child' by Eloise Turner, middle category winner.

'African Tears' by Iona Perry, middle category runner up.

'Trapped In Abyei' by Chris Jaffe, senior category winner.

'Freedom' by Delyth Wyn Jones, senior category runner up.

Scholarship Winners 2013

Scholarship Winners 2013

We are very pleased to announce the results of our HART Scholarship Competition 2013....

After receiving many high quality entries and, after much deliberation, the winners selected were as follows:

The winners of the Remember Sudan art competition were:

Middle Category:

1st Eloise Turner

2nd Iona Perry

Senior Category:

1st Chris Jaffe

2nd Delyth Wyn Jones

Special Recommendation: Enya Stewart-Williams, Jessica Cummins, Shaunagh Chiltan

The winners of the essay competition were:

Schools Category:

1st John Maier

2nd Hinal Patel

University Category:

1st Anna Carey

2nd Megan Brickley and Alexander Bryan

Special Recommendation: Nathalie Larsen

We would like to thank all those who entered the competition for their support and would like to take this opportunity to encourage them, and all our supporters, to continue engaging with human rights issues and in using their skills and creativity to be a ‘voice for the voiceless’.

You can read the winning entries by downloading them below. Winning artwork can be viewed on the slideshow above, along with photographs from the London exhibition.

The views represented in these works are those of the individual artists and writers. 

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