Interview with a HART Intern

Interview with a HART Intern

An interview with HART Intern Liz Chick

·         How do you think the internship went overall?

Overall it went really well. I felt like I was given interesting and valuable tasks and was also provided with enough guidance to feel confident in completing them. I felt like a valuable asset to HART and focusing mainly on one project gave me the opportunity to do a variety of work, whilst feeling like I was contributing something substantial. However, it was also very interesting to work on smaller tasks for other countries’ projects as it gave me a broader knowledge of HART’s work and gave me the opportunity to work with the other interns.

·         Was it what you were expecting? 

I was given much more responsibility than I was expecting and a much more consistent workload. I also did not expect to be allowed to be involved in things such as meeting other NGOs; it was really interesting to see what work other NGOs in the field of international development are involved in and how different organisations work together. I was expecting the office to be a friendly place but I was also surprised by just how friendly and helpful everybody was.

·         What were the highlights over the summer?

One of the main highlights was attending the walk to Parliament to deliver the petition. I hadn’t expected it to be as big and seeing such a successful event involving so many NGOs and Sudanese people was really inspiring.  Another highlight was meeting with as I’m really interested in using the internet and social media to advocate on issues. I really enjoyed all of the work that I did with HART; particularly writing the newsletter with the other interns as this was something which I hadn’t had the chance to do before. It was a really good way to learn more about all of the projects both with regards to aid and advocacy and it was really nice to be involved in something creative.

·         What did you particularly enjoy doing?

I particularly enjoyed writing the briefings, which kept me really up-to-date with what was happening in Sudan and as I was also then given the chance to write short intros for questions to go on the website. I felt like I got the chance to be involved in HART’s involvement in the House of Lords and see the results.  I also really enjoyed writing the blogs as it gave me the opportunity to express an opinion, and as the internet is such a useful tool for advocacy I felt like I was really contributing to the advocacy work of HART.

·         What do you think you’ve learnt? 

I’ve learned a lot about the situation in Sudan and South Sudan and really want to stay informed and up-to-date. I also learned a lot of practical skills; I feel like my writing skills have improved and helping update the databases gave me the opportunity to learn to use programmes and websites that I hadn’t used before. I’ve also learnt a lot about how to organise events both on a larger and smaller scale which will be very helpful when I return to university.

·         What would you like to have done more of?

I honestly feel that I was given the opportunity to do enough of everything. I was given the chance to write numerous briefings, work on short pieces of work such as blogs and longer projects such as the letter writing campaign – and also to work both alone and alongside other interns on projects such as the World Humanitarian Day Project. Of course I would have loved to have had the opportunity to visit one of HART’s partners!


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