What do our Interns say?

What do our Interns say?

Written by recent Interns:

“I have spent ten months with the team at HART – an experience that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who is interested in humanitarian aid or international development. The team, which works tirelessly to mobilise resources and to secure funds for HART’s partner organisations, has given me a unique opportunity to undertake real responsibilities within the organisation and to feel as trusted and respected as any other member of staff. My role evolved during the time I spent at HART and this enabled me to gain invaluable experience across many areas.

HART works where many other organisations will not, shining light on hidden atrocities and humanitarian crises in areas that are considered to be unreachable or those that are high-risk. The team relies on first-hand evidence from their partners, local people, community leaders and political figures as a basis for international advocacy, and to secure funds that have helped to save and rebuild countless lives across Sudan, Burma, Syria, Uganda, Timor-Leste, South Sudan and Nagorno-Karabakh.

While HART was only established in 2004, the groundwork for HART’s success and partner network was laid decades before through Caroline Cox’s activism and her commitment to protecting freedom and peace. Caroline enters directly into the heart of conflicts to bring attention to underreported human rights abuses and humanitarian emergencies and addresses them at all levels – using the evidence of her humanitarian reports and the testimony of survivors to ask governments to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law.

During my experience, I was lucky to have met three of HART’s incredible partners, and their dedicated teams. I saw the impact of their work and heard about the remarkable journeys that led them to HART. Over the years, these partnerships have empowered so many communities and created lasting change. I am sorry to leave such an incredible organisation, but incredibly grateful for all that I have experienced as part of the team.”

By Beth Stephens, Campaigns and Research Intern – June  2019 

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