What do our Interns say?

What do our Interns say?

Written by recent Interns:

“I have enjoyed HART’s work and think that the values and practices of HART are brilliant. I like the way, with it being a smaller organisation, the internship is very flexible and I have found myself taking on tasks that I would not have expected that have really enabled me to learn. I love the way that the work is so rewarding as I feel like I am actually helping and making a difference.

The friendly office environment and huge support network is brilliant, and the help and guidance has been invaluable.

The internship has given me so much help in terms of career progression and exposure to the international development sector with the conferences that we have attended, parliamentary debates, people that I have met. I have made some great contacts and friends and feel positive about the future.”


“Volunteers are welcomed with open arms into the small but quirky community of HART. There are always tasks at hand meaning that as a volunteer, one is always on the go! HART is extremely personable in that volunteers are often given projects to do based on their personal interests. HART often has a few volunteers working at the same time, which facilitates the opportunity for group work and team building.

Some tasks given to volunteers include: writing reports and blogs on current issues (such as the human rights violations of the Devadasi women in India, and the persecuted Rohingya communities of Burma), writing summaries of larger reports sent to us by our overseas partners, organizing various HART events (such as a volunteers reception), advocating and raising awareness of current issues by writing to MP’s and establishing campaigning programs in universities and schools, writing and updating briefings on countries that HART represents (such as Sudan and Burma) and proof-reading and editing various documents such as newsletters.

The working atmosphere at HART is extremely friendly and relaxed. Volunteers will often find themselves chatting to and learning from each other, as well as the pleasantly entertaining and extremely interesting staff at HART. Consequentially, as a volunteer, I am really enjoying my time at HART. I have learnt so much in the short space of time I have been here as I am constantly engaged with activities that enable me to develop my academic and personal skills. I have hugely broadened my knowledge on some of the difficult issues faced in other parts of the globe, and the ways in which we can attempt to support some of these people. It has been enlightening to see how a charity like HART functions, and what their strategies are for combating suffering and oppression, and raising awareness of these issues.”

A day in the life of a volunteer at HART:

“This morning I came into work and continued trying to find a venue for an upcoming HART event. This involved researching locations, dates and prices and corresponding with an events manager from the London Corporate Team. I then went on to update a briefing on the current situation in Burma, adding recent key dates and new developments that I obtained through reading the recent news. After my lunch break I proof-read the most recent HART newsletter, editing parts that I thought needed adjusting. Afterwards I read through a research report that one of the HART staff recommended to me, as he knew that it is an area I am particularly interested in!

I am now done for the day and just before I go home I will email the work I have done to Lydia, my boss. Overall, an enjoyable and productive day at HART!”

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