Your Gifts and HART’s General Fund

Your Gifts and HART’s General Fund

Why our Virtual Gift Shop supports the general fund

HART’s ‘general fund’ is the pot of money which enables us to meet our partners greatest needs, often at short notice. It is also the fund which allows us to ‘fill in the cracks’ between grants and large donations, which are often restricted to one particular part of a larger programme. There are many good reasons why our Virtual Gift Shop supports the general fund, and here are just a few:

1. We can’t list every little part of a programme as a gift because there would be too many to cope with, so these virtual gifts act as examples of the very real items needed by our partners for their HART-funded programmes. Our virtual gifts are not ‘made up’ – they come from the budgets and project proposals sent to us by our partners – but they can only ever be a handful of examples from all the different needs our partners have. With too many needs to list, supporting the general fund means your gift helps us make sure all needs are served.

2. Needs change and can change quickly. If we were to promise that a partner would use your donation for one particular item, but then our partner suddenly no longer needs that item, your donation would either be used on something that is no longer wanted or we would have to return your gift. Whichever way, our partner loses out, whereas a gift to the general fund frees HART and our partners to use your gift on what they most need at the time they need it.

3. It is better to send funds without too many restrictions on how our partners can spend it. We respect our partners by not imposing our ideas or our agenda on to them, and this means allowing them to manage their own budgets and to make financial decisions. Enabling them to decide when, where and how to use your gift is an important part of this.

For these reasons and many more, it is simpler and more effective for the Virtual Gift Shop to support our general fund, from which we support all our partners. The gifts listed in the shop are good representations of the kinds of ways your donation may be used, but we cannot guarantee your funds would be used in that exact way.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact our office at

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