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HART partner, HIAM Health, provides care for malnourished children, and while their child is cared for parents are educated in how to grow and prepare nutritious food.

HIAM Health is a local community-based NGO founded in 2003, with a focus on empowering women and rehabilitating malnourished children. They have developed a unique, integrated approach to tackling malnutrition, combining residential rehabilitation for malnourished children with training and education for accompanying parents and carers.

The education provided to parent or primary caregivers covers a range of topics, including preparing and cooking food to retain its nutritional value, understanding nutrition and a balanced diet, breast feeding, correct weaning foods for infants, hygiene and sanitation practices, management of diarrhea in children and child spacing. The education also includes how to develop and maintain a ‘Home Kitchen Garden’. The focus is on encouraging behavioural change for a permanent reduction in malnutrition.

In 2014, 301 children were admitted to the treatment centre. HIAM Health provided training to 288 parents and caregivers. Two of the families that attended training at the treatment centre won first and second place in a national competition for nutrition, held to celebrate World Food Day.

HIAM Health conduct follow-up visits with children after they have been discharged, and have a 90% success rate of a child sustaining or gaining weight.

HART and HIAM Health are extremely grateful to the Isle of Man International Development Committee for their support of this programme.

Find out more on HIAM Health’s website here

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