Burma (Myanmar)

One of the world's most ethnically-diverse countries

The Burmese people have suffered decades of repressive military rule. Democratic reforms between 2011-21 led to some opening up. But military figures continued to wield much control and perpetrated severe human rights abuses with impunity.

By February 2021, a violent military coup dashed any hope of democratic progress. Its impact was felt across major towns and cities, as well as the lesser-known border regions, which had already suffered years of oppression at the hands of the military regime.

HART is committed to shining a light the humanitarian and security crises in Burma, particularly among communities in the border regions who do not receive assistance from major aid organisations. Their plight remains out of sight of the international media.

Local Partners


Health & Hope

Health & Hope was established in 2009 to provide humanitarian aid, educational scholarships and medical care to remote communities in Chin state, western Burma.

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Sunshine Health and Education Foundation

HART began its partnership with SHEF in 2021 to provide education for displaced children from Karen state in eastern Burma and life-saving humanitarian assistance to Burmese refugees inside Thailand.

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Shan Women's Action Network (SWAN)

SWAN is dedicated to advancing gender equality in Shan state, eastern Burma. It was founded in 1999 and has been HART’s trusted partner since 2004. 

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Loi Tai Leng School

Over 700 students attend Loi Tai Leng School, located in one of six displacement camps along the Thai-Burma border.

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