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Marol Academy, Luonyaker

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Marol Academy, Luonyaker

HART supports Marol Academy near Luonyaker in Bahr-El-Ghazal. Described as a 'Girls school, which Boys may attend', Marol emphasizes the need to promote female education.

Marol Academy was founded in 2007 on the belief that, to build healthy communities, states, and a nation, girls must be educated equally with boys”. This is embedded throughout its work.  HART has worked with Marol Academy since 2008.

There are 822 students in the primary school. Marol Academy expanded into secondary education in April 2011. The challenges of retaining girls at secondary level are particularly pronounced, and across the country, only 1.6% of secondary school age girls are enrolled in secondary school. In 2015, daily attendance at the Secondary School reached 180 men and women. Lawrence, head teacher at Marol Academy Secondary School, said of their work, “I have seen the fruits of the work that started in 2011 up to date, in that Marol is now known all over South Sudan because of the excellent academic performance. I am very proud to be part of Marol.”

HART’s support is primarily used to recruit and support the Kenyan volunteer teachers, enabling the children to get a high standard of education. These Kenyan teachers are also able to share their skills with the new South Sudanese teachers. HART, like Marol Academy, is very grateful to these Kenyan teachers for their courage and dedication.

We continue to be deeply grateful for the work of Naomi Pendle, a teacher from Wellington College, England, who came as a volunteer with a HART delegation in 2009, and who in 2010, on her own initiative, helped to develop the school and established a transformational teacher training programme based at the Academy.

Read more about life in South Sudan from Naomi’s blog.

Visit Marol’s website here.


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