October 20th, 2014

HART Burma Briefing: September/October 2014

Over the past few years Burma has been moving from a half-a-century long military regime to a full multiparty democracy. However, despite economic successes and increased investment in the country, it still faces big challenges in terms of political and religious freedoms:

  • In Shan and Kachin State, following the end of a 17-year ceasefire in 2011 by the government, skirmishes and opposition to land grabs are displacing people everyday;
  • In Rakhine State, the minority Rohingya Muslims are facing a pre-genocidal situation as the government continues to marginalise and oppress these long-time inhabitants from their lands;
  • Government crackdowns on media workers and activists have been on the rise, despite a recent ‘gesture’ by the military to release over 3,000 prisoners (of which only about 12 were imprisoned for political reasons)

Download the full briefing below.

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