HART Weekly News Round-up 15/01/2016

January 15th, 2016

HART Weekly News Round-up 15/01/2016

News from HART

    • On Monday 11th January, we welcomed our new CEO, Corinna Loges, to HART!
    • The HART team has recently returned from a trip to Sudan and South Sudan, and a report will be forthcoming in the near future.




  • More than 100 dalits came out on the road in Amreli and blocked roads at Rajkamal Chowk seeking justice for the girl from their community who was allegedly raped. The victim’s family claim that they had been threatened if they pressed charges.
  • A top US human rights official expressed concern on Thursday about recent incidents of violence in India against religious minorities, urging national leaders to be vigilant in protecting the right of Indians to freedom of worship.


  • Aramais Voskanyan has become the first Armenian casualty of the New Year in the ongoing conflict, aged just 19. He was killed by Azeri troops at the frontlines last weekend.
  • The conflict will be discussed at the January 26th Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe (PACE) Winter Session.


South Sudan



  • The World Bank has cancelled a $265 million transport scheme for Uganda amid claims that construction workers targeted school girls and reports of poor treatment of workers.
  • A private clinic in Mbale Municipality has closed indefinitely for allegedly admitting two patients suffering from cholera instead of referring them to isolated camps. The disease has killed 13 people in the municipality since November.
  • A collection of human rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have advised the government to urgently suspend the Crime Preventers program ahead of the forthcoming elections. Its members have been accused of acting partisan and of carrying out brutal assaults and extortion with no accountability.
  • The EU has dispatched a team of 30 long-term observers to various districts across the country as part of activities to monitor the election.

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