World Humanitarian Day 2018

August 3rd, 2018

World Humanitarian Day 2018

On 19th August 2018, we will celebrate World Humanitarian Day and shine a light on the millions of civilians caught up in hidden conflicts around the world.


5000 IDPs flock to the Diocese of Wau for safety

In South Sudan, there are 1.8 million internally displaced people (IDPs) and an estimated 2.5 million refugees in neighbouring countries, the vast majority of whom are women and children. In March 2017, an emergency request was made by our partner Archbishop Moses Deng for life-saving food for 5,000 IDPs that sought refuge in his church compound. Since then thousands more have fled conflict and now reside in makeshift camps which are supported by our partner.




Thousands of Shan now live in IDP camps

In Burma, ethnic states are fighting the longest civil war in history. Violations of human rights and military offences against civilians still continue to happen, not just to the Rohingya but also to other ethnic minorities. When HART visited Shan State, one of the Shan leaders said: ‘When the lights went on in Rangoon, all the world rushed to Rangoon; no one stopped to see us in the darkness.





IDPs in Blue Nile show us the food they scavenged

In Sudan, more than 90,000 civilians are struggling to survive in Blue Nile State as the Sudanese Government continue to block humanitarian assistance from reaching the area. In January 2018, HART crossed the border from South Sudan and met 9000 IDPs who were scavenging for food to survive after fleeing from conflict. They told us ‘You are the first people to reach us’.


Our #HEART2HART campaign


Throughout it all, our local partners make it their ambition to create positive changes in their communities by providing healthcare, education, emergency relief and peace projects. From your heart to theirs, we urge you to participate and help us support these unsung heroes in their daily struggles.


Help us raise awareness of these devastating situations and the significant work our partners are doing by posting a photo of the heart symbol. Show our partners that you send your thoughts and prayers to them and their communities caught up in conflict to recognise and respect their dedication.


Tag three friends and encourage them to do the same using #Heart2HART to spread the message.


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Facebook: @HumanitarianAidReliefTrust

Twitter: @HARTnews

Check out these examples:

My heart represents the passion partners have in the face of adversity on the frontlines of faith and freedom #HEART2HART


Sending my thoughts and prayers to civilians caught up in conflict on #WorldHumanitarianDay #HEART2HART @HARTnews #NotATarget @friend1 @friend2 @Freind3 will you join me?



We look forward to seeing your photos on Sunday 19th August

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