Will you help us get life-saving food and medical support to innocent civilians and to keep schools running?

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We urgently require your support to help civilians trapped behind closed borders in South Kordofan, Sudan.

In January, we visited our partners and friends in the region. We saw people suffering from attempted genocide at the hands of their own government.

Bombers constantly attack schools, hospitals and many other public places. Ground offensives and long-range missile attacks are happening too. We need your help now.

The Commissioner of Tobo County in South Kordofan told us:

“They are killing us loudly, but no-one is listening. We have no food, we have no shelter, our children have no education or immunisation…”

Both our local partners, Benjamin and Nagwa deliver urgent humanitarian aid like food and medical help to the crisis region. They also help with keeping schools running. Having access to education, we have been told by the local people, is really important to them.

Please give generously so that Benjamin and Nagwa can deliver the support so urgently needed.  


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