Write to your MP: Burmese Ethnic Nationals

Write to your MP: Burmese Ethnic Nationals

'We are spiritually, mentally and emotionally wounded and broken'

On 22/04/13, despite the Burmese government having failed to meet any of the benchmarks set when trade sanctions were temporarily lifted a year ago, EU Members announced: ‘In response to the changes that have taken place and in the expectation that they will continue, the Council has decided to lift all sanctions with the exception of the embargo on arms which will remain in place.

You can read the council conclusions here.

Trade sanctions should not be lifted in response to a ‘process of reform’ which allows for the continued abuse of Burma’s ethnic national population. This decision has come as a disappointment to NGOs and ethnic national groups alike. Until hearing this news much of the ethnic national’s hope rested on the international community:

‘Now very heavily armed Burmese troops are taking place at our feet…As we are spiritually, mentally and emotionally wounded and broken, please come and rescue, help, heal and educate us.’

Now they feel as though they have been abandoned.

Unhappy with the EU’s decision? You can help by writing to your MP or Member of European Parliament (MEP), expressing you disappointment and asking that they use their position to press for unhindered humanitarian access, the support of ethnic national’s human rights and responsible investment. Templates can be accessed below. You can find out who your representatives are and contact them through http://www.writetothem.com/


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