Hope and Recovery Series: Cohar

8 July 2019
Cohar- Chief Doctor at the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre

Now in its 21st year, the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre continues to expand the array of services that it offers to patients of all ages. Physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and hydrotherapy are each available at the centre, which now employs 73 staff and treats over 1,000 patients a year.

Founder and Director of the Centre, Vardan Tadevosyan and his staff continue to break the stigma surrounding disability through exemplifying what can be achieved with training and commitment. The Centre has brought about transformational change to people with disabilities who would have otherwise been isolated and neglected.

This series aims to highlight the experiences of the staff and patients at the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre.

Cohar’s experience as chief doctor:

I have been working at the centre for 10 years. I did 6 years of medical training in Yerevan. Then I worked here for 2 years as a general doctor. I then studied rehabilitation for 2 years in Yerevan.

I am the only doctor in Artsakh trained in rehabilitation. Other doctors are only just starting to understand how important rehab is. There were 3 girls who studied for 10 months at the centre and now provide rehabilitation therapy in regional hospitals. Staff from [the centre] go to regional hospitals to train in rehabilitation therapy. There is a 3-4 month average waiting period for treatment, and children and urgent patients are priorities. There is one room in each regional hospital for disability rehabilitation. It helps reduce the waiting list for administration to the centre. We also have two inter-staff lectures a week so that we are continuously learning from each other’s expertise and experiences.

Our work with disabled people is very useful for our patients. I know that many children need us and day by day, we understand how important our work is for the people of Artsakh. Because of the centre, disabled people no longer stay at home, they have social interaction, and they are now integrated into society and have friends.

How you can help support the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre

HART’s support is equally as crucial – as the centre’s only other source of financial. HART funds crucially cover additional staff costs and pay for day trips and summer/winter camps for patients. These outings are a critical feature of the centre’s efforts to integrate its patients into society, develop patient’s social skills and enhance their confidence and subsequent independence. Additionally, the occupational therapies offered at the Centre are only possible through HART funding.

Even the smallest donation can go a long way at the rehabilitation centre. For example, a donation of £10 pounds covers all food and expenses for 2 autistic children to have a day out by Lake Sevan!

If you wish to donate, Please visit the HART website and put a reference to ‘The Rehab Centre’.

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