Conflict Resolution

Supporting local peacebuilders in conflict zones

Our local partners play an essential role in peacebuilding. Through sustained engagement, they develop trusted relationships with key stakeholders. They understand the nuances of existing local power structures and traditional institutions. They build a sense of local ownership of the peace process. Without their input, reconciliation initiatives are much less likely to succeed.

  • Dialogue
  • Mediation
  • Skills sharing
  • Sustained engagement
  • Local ownership
  • Inclusion
  • Inter-faith workshops
  • Trauma healing

There are no quick fixes to resolving conflict. Power struggles are fraught with complexity. Old rivalries run deep. Yet a new and better way is possible. There is hope for an alternative vision for the future.

Local peacebuilders restore relationships so that peace can grow. They build bridges through patience and sustained engagement. They are sensitive to the values and culture of their communities. They understand the aspirations of people at the grassroots – as they’re also affected by conflict. Local peacebuilders acknowledge hurt on all sides and examine difficult issues with an open mind.

Your support transforms lives

Help our local partners realise their vision of peace for their communities