Healthcare Provision

Practical and ongoing support to people without access to mainstream services

HART’s local partners are a lifeline to people in need. They provide essential medical supplies, healthcare equipment and skills training specifically tailored to their local community. They bring life-saving relief for illnesses that would otherwise be left untreated. At the Lady Cox Disability Rehabilitation Centre in Nagorno Karabakh, healthcare workers provide physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy to empower patients to live independent lives, as active members of the community.

  • Medical supplies
  • Skills training
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Female hygiene
  • Disability rehabilitation
  • Female hygiene
  • COVID-19 response
  • HIV awareness
  • Community health
  • Midwifery

We believe local people are best placed to identify, understand and fulfil their own needs. They should be at the helm of their own development. Locally-led solutions build confidence and capacity within communities to tackle the health challenges they are facing. Their involvement promotes long-term, sustainable change.

Our local partners are a lifeline for displaced communities

Your support enables us to provide practical and ongoing medical care