About Us

About Us

“HART is not just ‘another aid organisation’. We are distinctive in that we combine aid with advocacy, working for peoples suffering from oppression, exploitation and persecution who are generally not served by major aid organisations and are off the radar screen of international media”

Baroness Caroline Cox

Our Vision 

Local partners enabled to realise their vision of health, education, peace, justice and freedom for their communities.

Our Mission

HART is committed to serving people in need, especially those who are or who have been suffering from oppression and persecution.  Our twofold remit combines aid and advocacy; providing resources for humanitarian aid and serving as advocates for those with whom we work, who often are neglected by international media and unable to communicate with the wider world.

Our Approach

HART works with communities to establish aid programmes in active conflict zones, post-conflict areas still devastated by war, and areas where people are marginalised, oppressed and exploited. We maintain a distinctive objective to partner with people who are often trapped behind closed borders. HART relies on first-hand evidence of human rights violations. HART therefore visits such areas, both to monitor projects and the use of donors’ funds, and to gather evidence.

For more information, read our publications or meet our partners.

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust is a UK Registered Charity: 1107341.

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