About HART

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) is an international development charity.

HART partners with local peacebuilders and humanitarian organisations in six countries. We provide food, water, shelter and medical care, as well as support for education, livelihoods and disability rehabilitation.

HART is proud to stand alongside local people who are caught in the crossfire of conflict. We champion their solutions for sustainable change. We celebrate their vision for a brighter future.

We go where others won’t

HART supports people who are trapped behind closed borders, oppressed by their own government, ignored by the international media or beyond reach of major aid organisations.

Local people in the driving seat

At the core of HART’s ethos is a commitment to working in partnership with local people. They are committed to their communities for the long-term. They have the biggest stake in promoting peace and development.


Support during times of crisis

HART’s local partners are perfectly placed to reach isolated communities. They understand the needs of people at the grassroots. They have the skills and knowledge to deliver sustainable change.

See the world through a different lens

In a noisy world, we do our best to amplify voices that would otherwise be unheard. We gather first-hand evidence of oppression and injustice. We share real-life stories of grief and courage.

HART is not just ‘another aid organisation’. Our local partners are frequently relied upon to manage a crisis on their own, especially when international organisations have to pull out as a result of insecurity, or if a government restricts humanitarian access.

Baroness Cox, Founder President

Help our local partners realise their vision of hope for their communities