In a noisy world, we do our best to elevate the voice of local people

HART stands in solidarity with people who are caught in the crossfire of conflict. We witness their courage in the face of adversity. We seek their advice on priorities for development. We celebrate their vision for a brighter future. Local people are best placed to identify, understand and fulfil their own needs. HART advocates on the basis of sustained engagement and first-hand experience.

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When I speak in the House of Lords, people listen because I don’t just read someone else's report. I’ve been to conflict zones and seen what I report about. Authenticity is going in person where big aid organisations can’t or won’t go. I don’t believe in those borders.

Baroness Cox, Founder President

Where communities suffer from protracted conflict and poverty, aid must go hand-in-hand with advocacy. We gather first-hand evidence of oppression and injustice. We take time to understand people’s needs and priorities. We promote locally-led solutions for a robust international response.


Advocating for equality and justice

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