Nagorno Karabakh

A mountainous enclave in the South Caucasus

Nagorno Karabakh is often described as a battleground between two warring parties: Armenia and Azerbaijan. Each claim absolute historic ownership of the region. It has geopolitical significance to regional powers Russia, Turkey and Iran and to other states including France and the USA – all of whom claim to play their part as mediators in the peacebuilding process.

The territory straddles a deep religious divide, separating the historically-Christian world from the Muslim world, on the border of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. For decades, this division has represented an ‘axis of instability’ that runs from the Balkans, through Turkey to Central Asia. History has proved there are no quick fixes to these complex divides.

Nagorno Karabakh has endured many years of political turmoil and economic neglect, with two major wars erupting in the early 1990s and 2020, during which local Armenians suffered attempted ethnic cleansing by heavy military offensives and grave human rights violations.

Local Partner

Lady Cox Disability Rehabilitation Centre

An internationally-recognised ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the heart of Nagorno Karabakh, this health facility provides hope and healing to over 1,500 patients every year.

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The region has few resources and little infrastructure to support those with disabilities. The Rehab Centre ensures that disabled people are given the opportunity to live fulfilling, healthy and happy lives.

20 Years of the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre

Inspirational stories of hope and healing from inside Nagorno Karabakh

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