HART’s former partner in Uganda, PAORINHER, plays a vital role in reducing poverty in Patongo town

HART first visited Patongo in the Acholi region of northern Uganda in 2005. As fighting continued between the Uganda Army and the Lord’s Resistance Army, we spoke at length with local peacebuilders to understand their priorities for aid and their solutions for long-term development.

After two years of consultation, we helped to establish PAORINHER (Patongo Orphan Infant Health Rehabilitation). Our partnership enabled a safe haven for orphaned children who were dying as a result of hunger and disease. We also launched a life-saving health clinic for children with HIV.

PAORINHER runs an extensive outreach programme to educate the community about the realities of HIV, to promote the re-integration of ostracised families and to identify individuals in need of medical care. They provide agricultural training for families and a safe haven for orphaned children.

Within ten years of PAORINHER’s launch, 700 children were receiving high-quality care and education. Over 300 families received agricultural training and nutritional support, helping more households to become self-sufficient.


After 12 years of collaboration and growth, HART handed over the partnership with PAORINHER to our friends at Power for the People (PFP). We are delighted to see the project continue to grow.

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