Enabling isolated communities to live independent and fulfilling lives

HART is proud to stand alongside isolated communities who struggle to access decent employment, public health and education services. We support them to generate income to cover essential needs – including food security, clean water and sustainable agriculture. Our livelihood programmes help to restore people’s dignity and independence, whilst reducing their long-term reliance on external assistance.

  • Agricultural assistance
  • Capacity building
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Education
  • Household resilience
  • Community investment
  • Food security
  • Entrepreneurship

We believe local people are best placed to identify, understand and fulfil their own needs. They should be at the helm of their own development. Locally-led solutions build confidence and capacity within communities to tackle the challenges they are facing. Their involvement promotes long-term, sustainable change.

Our local partners have the skills to deliver sustainable change

Your support enables isolated communities to live independent and fulfilling lives