Terror and mass displacement in the Middle Belt

The reign of terror inflicted by Boko Haram in northern states is well documented. Less well known is the escalation of inter-communal violence in the Middle Belt, where thousands of Nigerians have been killed or wounded in horrific attacks. Millions are displaced by insecurity and fear.

Despite the scale and nature of the violence, it rarely hits our headlines. The crisis remains out of sight of the world’s media. Displaced families in the Middle Belt are forced to rely on aid from under-resourced local churches, small NGOs or the generosity of their extended family.

Our local partners in the Middle Belt stand as beacons of hope within their communities. They provide emergency relief to families who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves. They provide education to children who can’t travel to school, and medical care to patients who can’t visit a hospital. Through our advocacy, HART amplifies the voice of local people. We gather first-hand evidence of oppression and injustice. We share real-life stories of grief and courage.

Local Partners

Women for Peace

Women for Peace, formerly known as the Mai Adiko Peace Project, is located in the heart of Rayfield, Jos – a community that has suffered heavily from poverty and violence.

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Diocese of Jos

HART has partnered with the Anglican Diocese of Jos in Plateau state since 2005.

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Bari School and Clinic

Families in Bari village, Kano state, are severely affected by inter-communal violence. The local school and clinic are bridges for peace.

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Ningi Interfaith School

The school's inspirational staff break barriers. They provide inclusive education and promote reconciliation among Muslim and Christian students.

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Help our local partners realise their vision of hope for their communities