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Fundraise for HART

Fundraise for HART

By fundraising for HART you are making a big difference to the lives of our local partners

As a small charity, the money you raise makes a real impact in the lives of our partners. 86p of every £1 raised goes towards charitable activities benefiting our partners.

Why Fundraise for HART?

By fundraising for HART you are giving local people the dignity of choosing what is best for them.

We always listen to what our partners are in most need of, which means donations can be spent on life-saving aid in the form of food or health supplies, or go towards rebuilding communities which have been destroyed by war and conflict. 

Here are some examples of what the money you raise could be spent on:

£24 could buy food supplies for a month for IDPs in Burma
£60 could buy a tent for a displaced family in Sudan, protecting them from the elements and the mosquitos
£150 could buy a wheelchair in Nagorno-Karabakh, helping a disabled person become more independant
£415 could buy a month’s worth of medicine for a pediatric HIV clinic in Uganda

Ready to get started?

Our fundraising pack will help you choose, prepare and promote your fundraising challenge or event. Find a sponsored challenge that suits you here or download the pack below.

Remember that we are here to support you in any way we can.

If you want to discuss an idea or ask for information, please get in touch with Lola on 0208 205 4608 or lola.yusuf@hart-uk.org

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