HART Statement: Dungob Alei Massacre, Abyei, South Sudan

19 May 2021

HART is deeply saddened by the barbaric attack on the village of Dungob Alei which killed 13 people and wounded 8 others in Abyei, South Sudan on 15th May 2021. HART Partner Bishop of Abyei, Michael Deng Bol told us the attack was carried out by “militiamen of Sudan’s former regime.”

Unfortunately, the attack is not the first of its kind, HART bore witness to the aftermath of the Kolom massacre in January 2020 during our last visit to the area which killed 34, wounded 22 and saw 15 children abducted, whilst in a similar attack in Mabok Diil in March 2020, 4 people were killed, 2 children were abducted and 55 houses, as well as a medical facility and prayer centre were burned down.

HART believes that much more must be done to stop these vicious, senseless attacks and that the perpetrators must be held to account.

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