HART Urges the International Community to Provide Cross-Border Aid to Displaced and Oppressed Peoples Across Burma

19 May 2021

Yesterday, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken announced nearly $155 million in new aid for Rohingya Refugees outside Myanmar, and a raft of new sanctions against the military junta of Myanmar.

HART welcomes these initiatives and acknowledges the appropriateness of both these responses.

However, the crisis in Myanmar is reaching a very dangerous level. At the weekend, Dr. Sasa, the Minister for International Cooperation of the new National Unity Government in Myanmar said: “The longer the international community delay the recognition of the National Unity Government in Myanmar, the greater the chance of a full-blown civil war. This is the only way to restore peace.”

Attacks against other ethnic groups in Myanmar – the Chin, Shan, Karen and Kachin people are also continuing. The National Unity Government is urgently asking for cross-border aid to provide food security to tens of thousands of internally-displaced inside Burma and medical supplies to provide health care in the border regions.

HART supports the efforts the international community are making but urges the immediate recognition of the elected National Unity Government and the provision of cross-border aid to support the thousands of people displaced by the violence of the Junta attacks on ethnic communities.

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