News Round-Up 20/05/16

20 May 2016

News from HART

See our latest blog on Burma, accompanied with an infographic.


  • Myanmar nationalists announced Wednesday that a series of protests were planned across major cities to demand that the government declare that there is no Rohingya ethnicity in the country. Hardliners in the country would rather the Rohingya are seen as Bengalis, rather than a separate ethnicity.







South Sudan




  • The South Kordofan Blue Nile Coordination Unit (SKBNCU) reported that,‘16 bombs were dropped on Kauda town on Tuesday [17th May]. Some of the bombs landed in the Kauda market, three injured civilians were rushed to the Gidel hospital. Reports from the National Human Rights Monitoring Organisation confirmed this and added that two goats, one pig and one sheep were killed as a result of the bombing. Casualties may have been more severe if it weren’t for local knowledge and protection measures taken including the preparation of foxholes for civilians in public places such as the markets and schools. The attack comes during continued intense frontline fighting in the Al Azraq area of Heiban County.’

For more information, please download the full SKBNCU update from the bottom of this page.




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