News Round-Up 27/05/16

27 May 2016



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      • It has been one year since President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as Nigeria’s new leader. The BBC published this report recounting how Nigeria has changed under Buhari in his first year as President.



      • Yet, social media has had a strong reaction to Buhari with tags like #BuhariIsTheProblem and #Buhari1YearOfSuffering trending on Twitter.





  • Reuters has reported on the effects of economic hardship in Nigeria’s Delta region and how this has spurred insurgency and insecurity. The report also highlights the wider implications of such insurgencies on the oil production and also the locals who rely on the Delta for their livelihoods.



South Sudan




  • For the past month, aerial bombardments have caused thousands to flee from Shali and El Rom in Blue Nile state. Military operations against the armed rebels began last April, affecting populated areas and causing approximately 30,000 civilians to flee. Activist Ishraga Ahmed Khamis described the situation, “very bad, as they are now living in the open without food. Malaria and diarrhoea has spread among children and displaced people in camps in El Maban.”
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