Our Trustees

Our Trustees

Ann Gale

Details to come

Anthony Peel FRCS

Anthony has medical and surgical experience in clinical practice and training, including work in developing countries and areas affected by conflict.

Graham Hadley

Graham is now retired after a career in public service as a civil Servant, and later as a Member of the Competition Commission. He also worked in the business sector as the Director of National Power, and later an energy and economic consultant, working internationally. He has been a supporter and fundraiser for HART since 2014, when he visited the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Nagorno Karabagh with the HART team. He has considerable experience of the voluntary sector, and is currently President of New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, and a volunteer visitor for Age UK. We welcomed Graham to the team in July 2017.

Jo Russell

Jo has a background in education and management consulting with 20 years of experience at Gemini Consulting and the Professional Development Network. She is passionate about raising awareness of Human Rights and HART’s work amongst young people and runs our School Outreach Programme. Contact her directly if you would like to organise a talk or workshop on Human Rights or HART’s Prize for Human Rights at jo.russell@hart-uk.org


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