HART Prize Essay Competition Winners

15 April 2019

This year’s HART Prize for Human rights saw many amazing entries in both the creative and essay categories. While we are unable to upload all the winning essay submissions to our website, it is still important to acknowledge the hard work, research, and effort that our participants put into writing an essay for this competition!

The following are the winners and the title of their work for the HART Prize essay competition:

Junior Essay:

  1. Isabella Kwiecinski- “Discussing Period Poverty in South Sudan”
  2. Audrea Wang- “A Neglected Camp of Potential”
  1. Alexia Lowe- “To what extent is social media beneficial in tackling human rights crises in Nigeria?”
Junior Essay Competition 3rd place winner, Alexia Lowe, With Baroness Cox

Intermediate Essay:

  1. Emily Emiru- “Is Uganda Really the ‘Pearl of Africa’?”
  2. Gillian Gyamfi- “Universal Human Rights are Often Recognised as a Western Concept, Therefore to What Extent can they be Enforced Effectively?”
  3. Aili Channer- “Does Cultural Tradition Impede or Enhance Development and Access to Human Rights?”
Intermediate Essay Competition 2nd place winner, Gillian Gyamfi, with Baroness Cox
Intermediate Essay Competition 3rd place winner, Aili Channer, with Baroness Cox

Senior Essay:

  1. Amber Amelia Smith- “Human Rights can Sometimes be Dismissed as a Western Concept. Using One or More of the Countries HART Works With, Explain Why this View Could Occur and/or Suggest How You go About Promoting Ownership of Human Rights.”
  2. Thomas Jaynes- “Discuss the Roles and Impacts of Different Actors in Nagorno Karabakh’s Struggle for Recognised Statehood”
  1. Maya Muller- “How notions of morality in humanitarianism can be used to leverage aid more effectively in Myanmar”
Senior Essay 1st place winner, Amber Amelia Smith, with Baroness Cox
Senior Essay 3rd place winner, Maya Muller, with Baroness Cox




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