How Important is the International Community in Improving the Human Rights of People Living in Different Countries, and Why?

3 August 2021


The one who is free should help the one who is not free.” Dr. Sasa.


Imagine you were imprisoned in a war zone, living amongst the Armenian population. You do not even have the basic privileged human right of having peace. You must continuously hide and live with the terrors of unexpected bombs and attacks. Your human rights are being violated.(1) Would you not want your voice to be heard? To be released from these dangers and destructions? Would you not desire the aid of an international community?

The one who is free knows how wonderful it feels to be free. The one who is free has the power to release those who are not free. Many of the high-income international countries have substantial sums of money they can use for luxuries, expenditures, and global businesses. International countries travelling for advancements in their economy are overlooking the importance of aid, humanity, and assistance. Most people living in wealthy countries are shielded by the horrors encountered by countries elsewhere, and the fact that many die, and many are mentally and physically affected due to food insecurity, poverty, racism, homelessness, and environmental concerns.(2) (3)

Tharmiga produced this great new painting to accompany her blog.

Just like how ants group together to create rafts to ensure a colony survives flooding, the international community must integrate links with some of the most disadvantaged countries, to ensure peace is maintained worldwide. This is incredibly crucial in improving the human rights of people living in different countries, because having sustained links mean human rights workers and activists have a true, first-hand awareness into the concealed human rights exploits arising in many distinct countries.(4)

NGOs are the key heroes in nurturing these links.(5) International groups working for the welfare of human rights can establish public awareness in how to improve the state of human rights in theses countries. The nations undergoing human rights abuses may not have the financial power or political capacity to aid themselves, and at a moment like this, the global community in the form of non-profitable organisations can act as an emblem of hope to those undergoing human rights abuses, who are left alone, helpless in regaining peace and justice. An example of this is the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust, lead by Baroness Cox, assisting multiple countries to relieve themselves from crises such as food insecurity and gender-based violence.

Due to the remarkable work of NGOs such as HART, many people’s lives have been rescued by rehabilitation centres for health, malnutrition, empowering women, emergency relief, supplying medicine in war sites, and the list goes on.(6) This is a living example picturing how the international community can uplift the human rights of people living in different countries.

It is extremely important for the international community to recognise that their financial status is not just a privilege, but also a responsibility for the welfare of the global community.


by Tharmiga Sivakaran who won 1st place in this year’s Intermediate Creative Category for the HART Prize for Human Rights 2020-2021.

You can learn more about the HART Prize for Human Rights here.


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