HART Prize for Human Rights 2019-2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony

HART Prize for Human Rights

HART Prize for Human Rights

The HART Prize for Human Rights is a competition for young people who are interested in global issues.

The HART prize for Human Rights aims to:

  • Raise awareness of conflict, poverty and human rights abuses amongst young people in the UK, particularly situations which are underrepresented in the mainstream media
  • Encourage young people to examine and engage critically with human rights issues by conducting independent research, and producing written or creative pieces
  • Invite new voices to contribute to HART’s communications.

There are two competitions running:

  • Creative competition: The challenge is to produce a creative piece of work about the human rights or humanitarian situation in any of the countries in which HART works.
  • Essay competition: Our essay competition encourages young people to research and write essays on a topic of their choice as long as it is related to one of the eight countries where HART works.

See last year’s winners here. 


2019/2020 Competition


Virtual Awards Ceremony: Sunday 4th October 2020


You can watch it on our Facebook, Youtube and Website.


2020/2021 Competition


Applications are now open!

  • The deadline is the 1st March 2021
  • Prize-giving and Exhibition Event (winners announced): TBC

We now have three age categories: 

  • Junior: anyone aged between 11-14 by date of entry
  • Intermediate: anyone aged between 15-18 by date of entry
  • Senior: anyone aged between 19-25 by date of entry

How to enter: 

To enter, complete the entry form (available to download below), and send it along with your entry to hart.competition@hart-uk.org with your name as the subject.

If your entry is a physical art piece, please include photos or a video of your piece. Covid-19 dependent we may ask for your art to be sent by post to our office in early 2021.

NOTE: Application forms received without attached submission (and vice-versa) will not be considered.

At HART, we are inclusive of all levels of learning and ability. If you have a learning or physical disability and require any sort of accommodation in regards to your submission, please reach out to us at hart.competition@hart-uk.org, or include a note in your submission email!

For more information, please download our HART Prize Information Pack below.  

If you would like to arrange a talk at your school or university about the prize, human rights or HART’s work, please get in touch us at hart.competition@hart-uk.org.

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