HART Prize Exhibition 2018

Senior Creative joint-winner performing her piece at the Exhibition Evening

Junior Creative winner collecting her prize from Baroness Cox

HART Prize for Human Rights

HART Prize for Human Rights

The HART Prize for Human Rights is a competition for young people who are interested in global issues.

The HART prize for Human Rights aims to:

  • Raise awareness of conflict, poverty and human rights abuses amongst young people in the UK, particularly situations which are underrepresented in the mainstream media
  • Encourage young people to examine and engage critically with human rights issues by conducting independent research, and producing written or creative pieces
  • Invite new voices to contribute to HART’s communications.

There are two competitions running:

  • Creative competition: The challenge is to produce a creative piece of work about the human rights or humanitarian situation in any of the countries in which HART works.
  • Essay competition: Our essay competition encourages young people to research and write essays on a topic of their choice as long as it is related to one of the eight countries where HART works.

See last year’s winners here. 

2018/2019 Competition


We are excited to announce the dates for the upcoming competition.

  • The deadline is the 4th March 2019
  • Prize-giving and Exhibition (winners announced) on the 25th March 2019

We now have three age categories:

  • Junior: Year 7 to Year 11
  • Intermediate: Year 12 and Year 13
  • Advanced: Aged between 19 and 25

For more information, please download our HART Prize Information Pack below.  

If you would like to arrange a talk at your school or university about the prize, human rights or HART’s work, please get in touch us at hart.competition@hart-uk.org 

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