Larn Tai, Director of Education for Shan State, Burma wins award at the Thai Foundations Awards Ceremony

2 March 2020

A huge congratulations to Larn Tai who manages all HART projects at Loi Tai Leng School in Burma. If you would like to learn more about Loi Tai Leng School, click here.


Larn Tai is Director of Education for Shan State and in charge of education at Loi Tal Leng. In January this year he and his team were awarded the prize for Exemplary Education Development by the Thai Foundation.

Larn Tai has pioneered the building of the dam at Loi Tai Leng which has resulted in the associated agriculture and running water for the dormitories. His dream is that Loi Tai Leng School will become self sufficient and a centre of learning for sustainable agriculture for Shan State.

He was born in Moung Keng in Southern Shan State. In 1992 his mother sent him to the border to stay with his grandfather because there was a lot of fighting near his home and the Shan teachers were taken away by the Tatmadaw. It was not safe for him. When he lived with his grandfather he volunteered at the temple (cleaning) and studied English.

Larn Tai & team at Thai Foundations Awards Ceremony


In 2001 he passed the exam to Shan State National School based in Chiang Mai. He spent 6 months there and when he graduated he had no money and nowhere to go. He went to Bangkok and did some decorating work and studied computers. He then got a job with Shan State National as an accountant for 2 years. Then he joined Shan Youth National as it’s Finance Manager for 3 years.

He joined the Shan Education Commission in 2016 and developed the education policy for Shan State.

He is the leader for education at Loi Tai Leng. He thinks that the number of children in the dormitories at Loi Tai Leng will increase due to social problems in rural Myanmar. His aim is for the dormitories to be 50% self sufficient in 3 years using agriculture and renewable energy specialists from Chiang Mai. The Vice President of Majo University went to Loi Tai Leng last month and has pledged to support Loi Tai Leng with agricultural specialists and expertise. They will help them with the fish farm, pigs, fertiliser and crops. Larn Tai is hoping to find the funds for 12 Loi Tai Leng students and two staff to go to Majo University for an intensive 10 day course to study these topics. They need money for the course and for travel, food and accommodation.


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