Burma Crisis: A Grave Threat to the Chin People’s Rich Culture and Traditions

30 September 2021

Burma’s military junta continue to wield much control across major cities, towns and lesser-known villages in ethnic states, including Chin state. They seek to impose an extreme version of ultra-Buddhist religious nationalism, resulting in severe anti-minority violence, human rights abuses and mass displacement.

According to Dr Sasa, Minister of International Cooperation for the country’s civilian National Unity Government, who is himself an ethnic Chin: “[The military regime] has targeted Chin state since shortly after the coup [in February 2021]… The regime bombs and uses heavy weapons against civilians… They attack the Chin people with the intention of massacring them.”

The escalation of military offensives throws the future of the Chin state – along with its rich culture, history and many different customs and traditions – into turbulence. Yet their plight remains out of sight of the international media.

HART stands in solidarity with the people of Chin state. Since our formation in 2004, we have worked with local partners here to establish life-saving development programmes. We continue to stand with them, celebrating their courage and resilience in the face of indescribable suffering.

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