Emergency relief in South Sudan

31 March 2017

Following famine being declared in several areas in South Sudan earlier this month, Guernsey is to send £46,000 in emergency relief to the struggling country through HART.

A child facing starvation in South Sudan Credit: AP

With ongoing civil war, widespread conflict, massive inflation, and drought, millions are at risk of starvation and 100,000 South Sudanese are already experiencing famine conditions. Now, more than ever, funds are needed to counter the worst effects of this horrible situation.

Last week it was announced that the Overseas Aid & Development Commission, the body that distributes money provided by the States of Guernsey to charities undertaking development and humanitarian work in the world’s least developed countries, will be donating over £46,000 to buy flour, beans, salt and cooking oil for those effected by the current situation in Wau, Western Bahr-el-Ghazal, South Sudan.

The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust will be distributing this aid through its local partners, providing each household, of around eight people, with a 25kg bag of flour and beans, a five litre can of cooking oil and a bag of salt.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Overseas Aid & Development Commission and the people of Guernsey for your help. These funds will make a huge difference, and assist in saving countless lives. Thank you.

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