HART Prize 2020 Winners Announced!

4 October 2020

The winners of the HART Prize 2019-2020 were announced during a virtual awards ceremony hosted by the HART staff on Sunday 4th October.

After reviewing all of the amazing submissions we received, the winners were as follows:


Senior Essay Category:

1st) Gina Ghuman

2nd) Violet Smart

Joint 3rd) Kinza Hussain and Ryan Cunnington


Highly Commended:

  • Jon Shaun Wong
  • Rukevwe Otive-Igbuzor
  • Tayo Obi
  • Uwati Okojie


Intermediate Essay Category:

1st) Kristen Palmer

2nd) Jessica Treves

3rd) Lea Han


Highly Commended:

  • Carolyn Huang
  • Jasper Sodha
  • Meera Thakrar
  • Simon Brooks


Junior Essay Category:

1st) Greta Kennedy

2nd) Imogen Palmer

3rd) Claudia Luczkiw


Highly Commended:

  • Alexander Newman
  • Eva-Marie Pornaris
  • Lucy Papworth


Senior Creative Category:

1st) Lauren Falconer

2nd) Sarah A. Tagger

3rd) Elly Brimacombe

4th) Aalekh Dhaliwal


Highly Commended:

  • Mhairi Russell
  • Nadia Tsoukala-Steggell


Intermediate Creative Category:

Joint 1st) Bonnie Mann and Lewis Murray

3rd) Beth Harwood

4th) Alex Forbes-Cable


Highly Commended:

  • Amala Gaia Sangha
  • Michelle Ubani
  • Symitri S K Paneser


Junior Creative Category:

1st) Eloise Dark

Joint 2nd) Charlotte Sollars and Neviah-Rae Shako

Joint 3rd) Isabel Honeyman and Anastasia Fletcher

4th) Anna Sterck



Highly Commended:

  • Amie Butcher
  • Hannah Moston
  • Saffron Tinsley


Congratulations to all of our prize winners and everyone who entered this year’s HART Prize.


Keep your eyes peeled for details of the 2020-2021 HART Prize which will launch at the beginning of November!

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