Joint letter to the AU Commission of Enquiry regarding arms flows into South Sudan

9 October 2014

The South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA), together with 15 other South Sudanese organizations and with the support of 5 international non-governmental organizations, including HART, have written to the AU Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan to highlight the problem of the proliferation of arms within South Sudan.

The letter states: We do not want additional arms to flow into our country. We believe that additional arms will fuel further violence and increase the prospects for protracting the war in South Sudan. We are also concerned that arms have been transferred by or through neighbouring countries who have their own interests in the conflict, and that the continuation of this risks complicating, regionalizing and even internationalizing the war. Furthermore, additional arms flows will undermine the prospect for long- term stability as high proliferation of arms will set the stage for increased criminality and violence even after the current conflict ends.” 

Download the full text of the letter below. 

If you have any questions or need more information regarding the letter, please contact Geoffrey L. Duke, South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA), at

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