Paintings from Nagorno-Karabakh

March 27th, 2013

Paintings from Nagorno-Karabakh

Our partners at the Lady Cox Rehabilitation Centre in Stepanakert, Nargono-Karabkah, work to bring lives of dignity and choice to the disabled of the region.

At the Centre, patients engage in a wide variety of therapy and recreational activities, including painting classes. Their works demonstrate the creativity, heart and genius of the patients. In vivid colours and themes celebrating the richness and beauty of Armenian culture, their works reflect the junctures of the world as it is, seen through patients’ eyes and the world as it could be, created through their minds.

The Centre continues to be internationally recognized as a “Centre of Excellence” and regularly hosts health care personal from the Caucasus and afar who wish to learn from the Centre’s unique and sophisticated methods.


About the Artists:

Erik Poghosyan

Erik Poghosyan,  27, has visited the rehab centre for 10 years.  He has muscular dystrophy which means year-by-year he loses his muscular strength. When Rehabilitation Centre Director Vardan met him 10 years ago, he was able to stand and make a few steps.  However, during the last few years Erik’s symptoms have become worse and now he is only able to move his fingers. Yet, still he has created beautiful paintings of Armenian monasteries.

Erik is known as a very intelligent man, never complaining about his situation but rather encouraging other young people with disabilities to never give up. Erik uses a wheelchair and depends on his family for the activities of his daily life.He lives with his parents in an area where there is no wheelchair access for him to go outside. All day he must stay in his room so art has become very important to him. Each year, he visits the centre for treatment, when he is able to go on outings with the other patients.

Erik Manucharyaon 

Erik Manucharyaon is 25 years old and he is deaf and dumb.  Erik has been visiting the Rehabilitation Centre for painting classes for ten years.  He holds the honor of having the largest number of paintings in the Centre’s collection. Every day he walks eight miles to come to visit the Centre, never taking the public bus. Erik also helps the art teachers organise exhibitions.

Narine Harutunyan 

Twenty-four year old Narine Harutunyan has a spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair.  Ten years ago Narine had surgery to correct her spine scoliosis but unfortunately a complication during surgery resulted in an injured spinal cord which brought total paralysis to her legs.  While receiving treatment, she began painting pictures. After graduating high school, Narine began studying art at the state university.

Levon Grigoryan

Levon Grigoryan is twenty years old.  He has a mental disability and has been visiting the rehabilitation Centre for 10 years.  Levon is always smiling and having a wonderful time with his friends.

Nuver Petrosyan

Nuver Petrosyan is 24 years old . Nuver has difficulties with hearing and communications and is known as a wonderful and friendly guy.  He loves painting.


Lydia Tanner

By Lydia Tanner

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