UK House of Commons to Hear First Reading of Armenian Genocide Bill

9 November 2021

On Tuesday 9th November the House of Commons will hear the first reading of the Armenian Genocide Bill, presented by Tim Loughton MP. The Bill calls for the British Government to give formal recognition to the Armenian Genocide, which took place in and around the Ottoman Empire between 1915-1923 and is estimated to have had up to 1.5 million victims. Furthermore, the Bill seeks to ensure remembrance for the Armenians who suffered the genocide, confirming the UK’s commitment to human rights and justice. HART works alongside our partner the Lady Cox Disability Rehabilitation Centre in Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno Karabakh, an ethnically Armenian enclave located within the geographical borders of Azerbaijan. Given the ongoing aggression Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh are facing from Azerbaijan and Turkey now more than ever the UK must act in solidarity with the Armenian people.

The Bill outlines three main objectives. Firstly, the British Government must formally recognise the Genocide that took place against innocent Armenian civilians, a position which would put it in line with most other Western nations. Secondly, it calls for all victims of genocide to be remembered by an annual commemoration service, in which the atrocities and crimes such as the Armenian genocide will never be forgotten. Finally, it seeks to promote education and understanding of the Armenian Genocide, and its relevance to the ongoing human rights crimes carried out in many parts of the world today.

Amongst most other Western nations, the UK stands out in its failure to formally recognise the Genocide of the Armenian people. Allies in Canada, Germany, France, the European Parliament, and most recently President Biden in Spring 2021, have all given official recognition. I It is now time for the UK to do the same and live up to its commitment to justice and human rights. Chairman of the APPG for Armenia, Tim Loughton MP, has previously outlined how taking an official stance of recognition would ensure that ‘the ‘never again’ retains its full meaning and significance’.

HART stands in solidarity with the Armenian people and hopes to see the United Kingdom join many in the international community by supporting the Armenian Genocide Recognition Bill.


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