Sudan expert, Eric Reeves discusses the latest Sudan protests

8 April 2019

On Sunday 7th April, during the 2nd night of a sit-in protest calling for the fall of President al-Bashir, some members of the Sudanese military began to protect civilians from security forces firing tear-gas and live ammunition at unarmed protestors.

Eric Reeves, Sudan expert and researcher spoke on BBC radio news to discuss the events that unfolded: 

“I think today was the most important in Sudan’s modern political history. It was the culmination of more than 100 days of non-violent protest, protests that have spread across the country, across political class and ethnic divides and today, gives us hope that the brutal tyranny that is the Al-Bashir regime will fall, perhaps with a nudge from the army”.

“There are a number of indications that the army, at least below the top generals, is more sympathetic to the uprising than to the regime. Sooner or late the regime will fall.”

“The real question is why other international actors are not putting more pressure on the al-Bashir regime to stop its campaign of violence against peaceful protestors demanding peace, freedom and justice. Five more people were reported killed by security forces in Khartoum and Omdurman over the past 36 hours. Where are the voices of the UN, the AU, the EU, North American countries?”

Click here to listen to the full interview (begins minute 9:30).

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